About Jane


It all started when...

Jane Aquino was only 15 when she started her career as Fashion Model- she concluded a Modeling Course held by Elite Brasil during 6 months where she learned about catwalk, poses, make-up and more. She then participated in several beauty and Modeling contests, being the finalist at Beauty World and second at Elite New Look.

It was at the young age of 17 when she was already studying 2 different degrees at University- Fashion Design and Philosophy in her hometown, Brazil. Discovered by a Scout from Sao Paulo fascinated by her personality and beauty and certain about her success as Fashion Model she then started working abroad right after she graduated.

China, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong was some of the many countries she stayed busy working at in several advertising, fashion shows, TV Commercial and more. She was the main face of several big brand names such as Hyundai, Samsung (which she signed a exclusive 1 year contract and did several worldwide campaigns) Lotte, Nike, Lexus, Walcoa, and much more.

As an actress she participated in a great diversity of commercial, music videos and short films. And her voice career extends to video games and voiceovers for instructional videos.

In 2016 she started working as a freelancer model and actress in South Korea, focusing on developing her many skills such as dancing, Yoga (concluding also a Instructor Course) sports, acting, singing and more.

Now she is looking for big projects and is grateful for all the possibilities ahead.